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Our classes are available at the Lync Boxing Gym - Manton Sports.

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Our Ethos

At our Worksop Boxing Gym, We provide foundation skills and drills training to the wider community in order to successfully incorporate the training ethos and systems of boxing into an active lifestyle as part of a healthy training regime.

Boxing training can possess a positive impact on physical fitness and mental wellbeing when practiced regularly. Our Boxing Academy Head Coach, John “Punisher” Popplewell, has years of experience coaching and training fighters of all levels ranging between beginners and professional athletes. He is using his knowledge and coaching pedigree gained from his personal fighting experience to create a structure for individuals from all walks of life to learn, train and even compete in boxing.

Worksop Boxing Gym

We provide a training platform that is accessible to everyone to provide them with the opportunity to experience first-hand the reality of training like an active fighter without being required to compete.

John Popplewell

Boxing Coach | Lync Active Boxing Academy

Class Listings

Location: Lync Boxing Academy at Manton Sports

  • Savage fitness (Mon 02:00pm) £5
  • Junior outlaws (Mon 05:00pm) £5
  • box 'n' brun (Mon 06:00pm) £5
  • punisher boxing (Tue 05:00pm) £5
  • Boxrun class (wed 02:00pm) £5
  • box 'n' burn (wed 06:00pm) £5
  • junior outlaws (thur 05:00pm) £5
  • punisher boxing (thur 06:00pm) £5
  • box 'n' burn (fri 06:00pm) £5
  • punisher boxing (sat 09:00am) £5

Why Join Us at our Worksop Boxing Gym...

The benefits of boxing training at our Worksop Boxing Gym are endless. It is a great way to improve physical fitness and mental wellbeing regardless of age and ability and also creates a community network to inspire and motivate individuals to become active. We currently offer the following boxing specific content:

boxing personal training

BOX’N’BURN fitness classes

exclusive fight team

junior boxing personal training

adults boxing classes

box2burn training programme

junior boxing classes

boxing membership packages

punisher padwork training system

What our members say

John Popplewell
John Popplewell
Read More
Amazing place to train, get support and advice from the team, and join a community of likeminded positive individuals.
Jessica Millard
Jessica Millard
Read More
What an amazing and inclusive Gym. So personal and bespoke. Definitely recommend
Louise Popplewell
Louise Popplewell
Read More
The boxing gym is such a good community. There are classes available for all skill abilities. It’s like a little family, with Coach bringing out the best of us. I have improved my fitness and mental well-being since starting these classes
Beth Guirdham
Beth Guirdham
Read More
First pt session today! Really enjoyed it. Was made to feel very comfortable and confident. 100% would recommend and can’t wait for my next session!
Rebecca Louise
Rebecca Louise
Read More
3 weeks into my PT sessions with Joe and already seeing results. Joe is knowledgeable and approachable and knows how to motivate! My confidence and fitness is increasing and my waistline decreasing! The free online sessions from Chloe and other staff are brilliant too

Online Coaching

8 week training programme for only £50.


– ⁠8 week training plan
– Full workout video demonstrations
– ⁠x4 Weekly check-ins with your personalised coach
– ⁠24/7 support
– ⁠Workout log to monitor progress.

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