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Ewan’s been off medication for his asthma for a year now … battling asthma is going to be a lifelong problem but he chose to start training with your gym and accessing Joe and Patrick’s fantastic support knowledge and patience… Ewan has developed his lung strength and endurance training on a Saturday at your gym … his life-long goals of playing rugby as still set fast in his mind and with encouragement from his coach and your team he will battle on training … thanks everyone for helping Ewan train and access your S&C.

I decided to get a personal trainer because I wanted to improve my overall level of fitness as well as keeping up with the more competitive part of the sport.Lync Active has been very focused on helping me achieve my goals and making every session challenging. They ensure that my technique is always correct to avoid any injuries. Joe & Patrick are always set up and ready to start training ahead of time with an exercise routine planned for me. I would definitely recommend Lync Active if you want to achieve your fitness and health goals.

I'm a changed person. Originally joined the Lync family in 2021 attending the outdoor bootcamps. Straight away I felt welcome and part of the family. Previously I've not enjoyed gyms or classes but the classes at Lync are brilliant. No one is judgemental and Joe and the team genuinely care about every members well-being. Nearly at the end of a Gladi8tor programme and not only are the lbs dropping off but I literally feel the fittest I've felt in so long. My mental health has massively improved, thanks to Lync the staff and other members. I love the gym and I feel like I'm keeping up with others at even the tougher classes like Gladiator. The Lync community is fantastic and not only benefits me but my husband and daughter who also both love the gym and classes. Thank you team Lync!

I joined Lync Active during lockdown when no gyms were open. I saw they were running outdoor social distance bootcamp sessions so me & my partner came along. 3 years later I've been a member of Lync Active! I've made friends & learnt from the best PT trainers along the way. The support that you get isn't just physical but mental support aswell. It's a person centred approach to your plans not one fits all which helped me massively after having my second baby, the exercises were adjusted in classes slightly to suit me. 100% recommend to anyone starting up fitness, wanting to complete a plan or looking for a different gym with full support. It's more than just a gym! Thank you!

What our members say

John Popplewell
John Popplewell
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Amazing place to train, get support and advice from the team, and join a community of likeminded positive individuals.
Jessica Millard
Jessica Millard
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What an amazing and inclusive Gym. So personal and bespoke. Definitely recommend
Louise Popplewell
Louise Popplewell
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The boxing gym is such a good community. There are classes available for all skill abilities. It’s like a little family, with Coach bringing out the best of us. I have improved my fitness and mental well-being since starting these classes
Beth Guirdham
Beth Guirdham
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First pt session today! Really enjoyed it. Was made to feel very comfortable and confident. 100% would recommend and can’t wait for my next session!
Rebecca Louise
Rebecca Louise
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3 weeks into my PT sessions with Joe and already seeing results. Joe is knowledgeable and approachable and knows how to motivate! My confidence and fitness is increasing and my waistline decreasing! The free online sessions from Chloe and other staff are brilliant too

Online Coaching

8 week training programme for only £50.


– ⁠8 week training plan
– Full workout video demonstrations
– ⁠x4 Weekly check-ins with your personalised coach
– ⁠24/7 support
– ⁠Workout log to monitor progress.

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